Air Quality Index

TPSC helps keep safe playing conditions for practices and games.

Air Quality Index

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AQI Updates

Monitor our towns AQI by visiting the PurpleAir's Real-Time Air Quality Map to keep you up to date on the current air quality.

TPSC uses the PurpleAir Air Quality Index (AQI) to determine safe playing conditions for TPSC soccer practices and games. We use a 1 hour average for the Purple Air sensor near McKegney Field as well as the trend in AQI change 1-2 hours prior to trainings and games (i.e., whether AQI is getting worse or better, independent of the last hour's average). You can view the AQI for the sensors close to McKegney Field on PurpleAir's Real-Time Air Quality Map.

General guidelines are:

  • AQI under 100 - all practices are on!
  • AQI between 100-150 - practices are on, but physical exertion at training will be reduced (low intensity training only). Families should use their best judgment based on the age of their kids and/or individual medical concerns affected by air quality.
  • AQI over 150 - all practices are canceled.

We encourage families to monitor the AQI, and make decisions based on that number. If TPSC makes the decision to cancel training, we will notify families at our earliest convenience.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by a delayed decision due to rapidly changing air quality conditions on any given day.



Questions? Please contact Kim Stibich